Reflections from Chad McDonald

Presenters have been asked to comment on the motivations, perspectives and sources that inform their work in LGBT history as well as their thoughts regarding the upcoming conference. Chad McDonald is a second year doctoral candidate co-supervised at the University of Bristol and the University of Southampton. His thesis explores how individuals have shaped Holocaust remembrance and commemoration in different places within the city of London.

Chad writes …

I think examining gender and sexuality help us nuance how we conceive of the past. Many spaces of the past – such as the home, workplaces etc.- are refracted through issues of gender and sexuality.

I am particularly interested in looking at the intersection between different types of identities, e.g. sexuality, gender and religion. I am also interested in how the past can be examined not just chronologically, but also spatially.

I’m currently looking at the intersection between personal archives, oral history and the British press (both gay and mainstream). I’m looking forward to hearing about the approaches that the different presenters have taken to examine issues related to sexuality and gender. I’m also looking forward to receiving feedback on my work as I refine it as part of my PhD thesis.

I think everyone can benefit from thinking about how we can queer the past.