Caroline Paige brings ‘True Colours’ to SEXing the Past 2017

Caroline Paige will take part in this year’s SEXing the Past conference as an invited contributor to a forum that will examine the ‘Law and the Military’ in the 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act of 1967. Her participation also follows the publication of her book ‘True Colours’ later this month. The following is an extract from the book’s jacket.

true-coloursIn 1999, Paige became the first officer to transition gender within the military, and to remain in service. She rose against the extraordinary challenges placed before her to become a highly respected aviator and to be the first openly serving transgender woman on the front-line in the war on terror, flying battlefield helicopters for sixteen years and serving in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paige describes a personal conflict influenced by prejudice and acceptance, in a military that initially persecutes its LGBT personnel before ultimately celebrating them. It is a journey set in a world of change, a story of secrecy and vulnerability, of fear and courage, of challenge and hope.

This is a unique and inspirational memoir that reveals the triumphs and tribulations that shaped Paige’s life, from her birth and childhood struggles with gender identity through to her 35-year military career.

Conference delegates will be able to purchase copies of ‘True Colours’ at a discount. Information will be provided at the conference.

Elaine Chambers and Patrick Lyster-Todd will join Caroline Paige for the ‘Law and the Military’ forum on Saturday 4th March at 14:00. A limited number of free tickets for this (and other selected sessions) are available to the public. Booking is essential. Please follow this link and click on ‘Tickets’.