Bisi Alimi to Speak at the Launch Event for SEXing the Past 2017

Bisi Alimi, Executive Director of the Bisi Alimi Foundation, will speak at the launch event for this year’s SEXing the Past conference on Friday March 3rd. The theme of this year’s conference focuses particular attention on the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act of 1967. His comments on LGBT advocacy and acceptance in Nigeria will serve to highlight the legacy of de/criminalisation in Commonwealth countries. This aspect of LGBT history will also feature in a panel discussion scheduled as part of the conference programme, at which he will take part as a panelist.


Now residing in London, Bisi Alimi was forced to flee Nigeria in 2007 after publicly outing himself. As an activist he remains committed to LGBT advocacy and rights in Nigeria as well as migrant African communities. His foundation recently released a report on the impact of homo-, bi- and transphobia in Nigeria.

Joining Bisi Alimi at the conference launch event is the author Diana Souhami, who will deliver the 3rd Allan Horsfall Lecture. The lecture is sponsored by the Campaign for Homosexual Equality and DLA Piper.

A limited number of free tickets for the launch event and Horsfall Lecture are available to the public. To secure one, please follow this link and click on ‘Tickets’.